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Mindful SOULutions

Empowering tools for a healthier, happier YOU!


Tonya Schmitt, owner, teacher, practitioner

Critical Stuff:
Tonya's training follows a therapeutic focus, emphasis on trauma healing.  She has 500 hours with YogaFit, and an additional 100 hours from Aura Wellness.  She holds a 140 hr certificate in trauma healing for children & adults from YogaFit, health & wellness coaching certifications from Dr. Sears & Universal Class and fitness instructor certification from NETA.  Tonya is also trained in the Mindful Schools curriculum, and has completed graduate work in Incorporating Mindful Education into Curriculum.  She also holds a certificate in Executive Director Leadership.   Tonya earned a bachelor's degree in Biology and a master's degree in Life Science Education.  Oh, and she is a Reiki Master, who has studied Medicine Wheel.  She thrives where hard-core science and ancient traditional wisdom meet!  You will, too!

Good to Know Stuff:
Tonya has also been or still is a:  science teacher, naturalist, environmental educator, executive director, program coordinator, parent educator and support specialist, among other things.  

Fun stuff:
Tonya is fond of these things:  playing in the leaves with her kids, going for walks in sub-zero temps with her husband, music in the park along the river and yoga practice by the fireplace.  Also--creating household items out of found natural objects, and dancing spontaneously!

Mindful SOULutions is a synergistic fruition of her passion-driven studies. . .A heart & soul endeavor to guide others in living their healthiest, happiest lives!